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Body Treatments

A pampering body massage with almond oil to energize and balance circulation. Soothes and loosens tense muscles by alternately stretching and relaxing.
45 Min 290 ₪.
60 Min 330 ₪.
90 Min 400 ₪.

A concentrated massage focusing on the shoulder blade and neck areas. Relieves back and pain and releases tense neck muscles.
30 Min 180₪.

Combination of applying pressure to energy lines on the body and yoga stretches, to energize and balance circulation and the lymphatic system (lightweight clothing required).
45 Min 310₪.
60 Min 340₪.

Applying pressure to specific points along the energy meridians of the body. With the aim of unblocking energy flow, aligning the body and reducing tension (lightweight clothing required).
45 Min 290₪.
60 Min 330₪.

A massage performed by applying pressure to the soles of the feet. Aims to improve the functioning of the body's systems and relieve tension.
45 Min 310₪.
60 Min 340₪.

A luxurious, gentle massage based on the use of aromatic essential oils to calm both the body and soul.
45 Min 310₪.
60 Min 340₪.

A vigorous oil massage that originated in Hawaii. The massage is performed using the forearms in wide strokes (client will be asked to remove clothes).
45 Min 300₪.

Treatments for energy balancing and opening blockages, performed by placing hands on the body's energy centers (lightweight clothing required).
45 Min 290₪.

An extremely dynamic ands energetic massage for the whole body that aims to improve energy flow of all organs (lightweight clothing required).
45 Min 300₪.

A unique massage intended for after intensive athletic activity.
45 Min 310₪.
60 Min 340₪.

A massage focusing on deep muscle tissue.
45 Min 310₪.
60 Min 340₪.

Cleans the skin with natural oils and sea salts. The aim is to Renew and refresh the skin.
45 Min 290₪.
60 Min 330₪.

An ancient Indian treatment that combines a gentle body massage in heatedsesame oil using slow, rhythmic motions, a scalp massage with oil, and the pouring of oil on the center of the forehead ("the third eye"). A uniquely pleasurable treatment (client will be asked to remove clothes).
75 Min Two-Hand 410₪.
75 Min Four-Hand 580₪.

A unique treatment combining a body peeling, pampering body massage with sesame oil and the pouring of oil on the center of the forehead ("the third eye").
90 Min 500₪.

Massage all the way from head to foot: scalp massage, aromatherapy and reflexology.
90 Min 460₪.

A classic gentle massage performed by professional therapists who specialize in treating women from their fifth month of pregnancy.
45 Min 290₪.

The treatment involves gently shaking the body at the rate of a fetal heartbeat, to release physical and spiritual blockages. It also integrates a scalp massage. *Light Clothing.
60 Min 340₪.

Treatment that combines the touch of the hands and the feel of hot and cold stones with the aim of liberating blocked regions of the body and to bring balance between the body and soul. (Client will be asked to remove clothes).
45 Min 340₪.
60 Min 380₪.
On Friday and Saturday, only spa packages are available
Cancellation till 24 hours prior treatment will not be charged. From 24 hours prior treatment or non show will be charged the entire treatment cost.
Opening hours of the Spa : Sunday to Thursday : 7AM to 9PM, Friday :7AM to 7PM, Saturday 8:30AM to 7PM
Spa entrance is allowed from 18 years old only.

Please note :  
Treatment for pregnant women from week 20 onwards only if the pregnancy is normal
It is not possible to book treatments if 6 months have elapsed since surgery of any type
In case of a malignant disease, two years must be waited from the end of the last treatment
In case of cardiac problem, high blood pressure, high fever, illness, etc., consult the Spa office 
How should you come to the Spa: 
• Treatments are performed on a bed and include oils. It is recommended to wear underwear and a bathrobe.   (Except for Ayuraveda, lumi lumi, and hot stones)
• For dry treatments such as Shiatsu, Thai, Ricky, Healing, you should arrive in comfortable and long clothing such as sweatshirt and after showering.
• For treatments with oils, you should wear a bathrobe and underwear. In any case arrive dried and not wet.
• Be sure not to come with jewelry for Spa treatment. The spa is not responsible for the loss of jewelry and valuables.
• Please be at the Spa about 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the treatment, you are invited to wait in the tea corner. The therapist will accompany you to the treatment room