Shizen's Story

In our quest for originality and naturalness, the Shizen concept was born, a spa and lifestyle hotel that adopts the lifestyle of Japan and the Far East.
Shizen of quietness and tranquility, Shizen of nature, Shizen of health, Shizen of beauty...
Shizen invites you to say good-bye to the stress and tension of everyday life and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that offers a lavish program for mind and body. The Shizen offer a variety of programs and workshops that address each and every aspect of the quality of life. 
The atmosphere at Shizen is so different that for a moment you will forget that you are in the heart of the country. This is an urban oasis combining the advantages of a professional and innovative spa with a relaxing and indulgent stay at a hotel.
Shizen is in every corner, waiting for you to discover it....
Shizen is in the robe given to every guest, the wooden floors, the clean design and the natural materials and colors, the relaxing music played throughout the hotel, the herbal tea, the yoga on the beach at sunset, the meditation at sunrise/sunset and the lectures in the outdoors. Shizen is hidden in the details....
Our Shizen is simplicity and naturalness that says prestige. It’s professional perfection!
The unique spa center offers a variety of services both on a daily basis and for guests staying at the hotel. In our 18 treatment rooms you can have fun, refresh yourself and relax with a range of indulgent treatments: massages, hydrotherapy, aromatic oils, facial and body treatments, beauty packages and more. All this will help remove toxins from your mind. The emphasis is more on the mind and less on material things.
We believe that in order to discover Shizen, it is not enough to get excited, but also to be renewed. Our professional spa staff invites you to take advantage of your stay at the hotel to improve your quality of life in terms of both health and spirituality, according to your personal preferences and needs.
From the moment you arrive at Shizen, we will provide you with comprehensive advice on all the spa programs.
And at the end of your vacation, no matter what Shizen you discover here,
We guarantee that from now on
 it will be an integral part of your life ....